There are so many surfaces to choose from: the hard-wearing beauty of granite; the tactile warmth of wood; the sleek lines of stainless steel or stunning natural stone. We have tested these worktop makers to ensure you have the best choice for your kitchen, whatever your preference.


Made by the renowned Consentino group, Silestone is the leading bacteriostatic quartz worksurface with over 80 different colours.

More budget-friendly than granite, it still has the inimitable appeal of natural stone, combined with hi-tech barrier coatings to make for a very hygienic surface. Perfect for families and busy office kitchens.


Dekton is one of Consentino’s most innovative surfaces, composed of porcelain, glass and quartz. Heat, stain and high scratch resistant, with zero porosity, there are many textures, thicknesses and finishes which allow for stunning worktops for both indoor and outdoor use.

Top chefs from some of the world’s finest restaurants have specified Dekton for their kitchens so if you’re a keen cook, it’s worth looking at Dekton’s YouTube channel for inspiration.


Sensa is Consentino’s granite range, treated with a stain resistant protection to give it a guaranteed lifetime of 15 years.

Each slab of granite is individual, unique, with it’s own veining and colouring, which makes every granite worktop Nature’s work of art.


Marble, limestone, travertine and granites are just some of the natural stones found by Consentino from the best quarries around the world.

Their selection process is rigorous, and only the finest ones are chosen, so you are guaranteed a long-lasting, beautiful, singular, natural worktop.

Fire, heat and UV resistant, they are the longest-wearing of all worktop surfaces.


Spekva’s wooden worktops are everything you would want from wood: tactile, warm, beautifully joined, well-sourced from renewable forests, FSC Certified.

Their woods also come in different textures, from raw to more sleek; from Ash and Brasilia to Iroko and Wenge. Spekva also hand-cut worktops for inset sinks and appliances.