Tiles & Floorings

Tiles & Floorings

Kitchen floors require hard-wearing, easy-to-clean surfaces. IDC have selected ceramic tile makers who don’t compromise between beauty and practicality.


The home of Ferrari and Maserati is also home to one of Italy’s award-winning contemporary tile makers. Their craftmanship is superb, resulting in ceramic tiles which capture the beauty of natural materials, from wood, metal, stone, cement and texture – but with all the robustness and lightness of ceramics.

To find out more about their ranges, click on this link http://www.fondovalle.it/it/download


We’ve selected their award-winning Monloith porcelain range which looks like the finest Italian marble. Available in very large formats, for both indoor and outdoor use, these tiles look and feel luxurious whilst being hard-wearing and long-lasting.


In 1997, this established Italian global ceramics maker began a partnership with Versace, which still continues today. The influence of fashion, the passion for interior design, can be seen in Gardenia’s stylish combination of textures, shapes and colour.

Click on this link to their current brochure to find out more http://www.gardenia.it/en/download/