Specialists in kitchen Island Design

Extra Counter Space

A kitchen island is often the forefront of any kitchen design. Whether it blends in seamlessly with your kitchen or becomes a standalone feature. They provide ample storage space and become a hub for prepping, cooking and entertaining. The kitchen island has become extremely flexible in terms of its seating area, structure and unique design elements bound to suit your specifications and design style.

Specialists in kitchen Island Design

  1. Improved Work Flow

The advantage of a kitchen island is its functionality in that you can include a possible appliance and small sink in this area. Wash up and prepare food on a large worktop space.  Including a hob means you can also interact with guests whilst displaying an airy and open feel and the additional worksurface makes moving around the kitchen so much easier.

  1. Customizable Storage

Kitchen Islands are a desirable feature in much smaller and compact areas, maximising space, opening up possibilities in design and function for creative storage solutions. Designated cutlery drawers and deep crockery cupboards whilst incorporating fridges or wine coolers, a couple of shelves for recipe books and luxurious glassware displays are some perfect examples of how you could utilise this area.

  1. Dining Area

One of its key functions is that a kitchen Island provides an additional seating area, becoming a key social area in the home and having a kitchen island can be a fantastic multi-purpose feature for any kitchen. In an open concept plan, you can interact with guests whilst cooking, whilst homeowners are abandoning their dining tables for a more casual setting.

  1. Add some Character

Get Creative with this space. Keep The rest of your kitchen design uniform and stripped back, whilst your Kitchen island becomes a statement piece through a pop of colour or as daring as using tiles to add some difference and personality. This is a great opportunity to dress up this area using light fixtures above the island or by placing accessories such as decorative vases and flowers.

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