Wooden Countertops

Spekva specialises in wooden countertops and is known for its continued commitment to quality, love for craftmanship and innovation. Designed for everyday use in the kitchen, they are easy to maintain. With natural oils, your SPEKVA wooden worktop can renew its beautiful glow and retain its resistant surface year in year out. 


Unique Look

Every surface has its own unique look. At Spekva you can choose between many different kinds of wood. They handpick every stave of wood meticulously and combine to ensure the finest finish of texture and colour. Each type has its own unique characteristics and properties in terms of colours, textures, hardness and origins. In your home, wood offers a sense of connection, calm and natural warmth. Wood is alive and living with you. It matures, develops and is affected by light, time and air, it has its own story and soul. Just like you.

Made To Last

A SPEKVA worktop is built to last and maintains its beautiful appearance year after year. Their special manufacturing process of gluing the staves together leads to a far greater durability. They guarantee that your worktop lasts at least 30 years. Each stave of wood is hand – picked and assessed by a team of professionals and each worktop is crafted and refined by experienced eyes throughout the entire carpentry process.

Feel Safe At Your Table

Worktops that give you a safe and hygienic foundation for cooking. Solid wood has natural antibacterial properties. The natural enzymes and acids work to eliminate bacteria. At the same time, the worktops are treated with pure, natural oils which safeguard the environment and your health.


You can choose Spekva with a good conscience. The brand support forest owners choose to manage forests with respect for people and nature. Their wood comes from certificated forests which are managed sustainably so that trees are not taken away in excess of what the forest can naturally replace. Endangered animals live comfortably because their habitats are protected from logging.

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