Contemporary Kitchens

Every Kitchen is unique, each kitchen is created with a combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and handcraftsmanship.

Discover the possibilities of a True Handless Kitchen

We are renowned for our famous modern handless kitchens with unlimited possibilities in design and function. The contemporary design style is a very popular choice for homeowners wanting luxurious sophistication and a true streamline and minimalist finish. 

Quality, Design & Individuality

 The heart of  a Warendorf kitchen is the extremely robust, patented folding carcase. It is cut from a single length of board and glued in a high quality production process making it possible  to manufacture the folding carcase in virtually any size or dimension, regardless which depth, height or width is required. That is what distinguishes an authentic  Warendorf from every other kitchen.

Unlimited Possibilities In Design & Function

The Carcase

We are the only manufacturer to offer the high-quality patented folding carcase – and we give a 30 year guarantee.

The Gap

Our attention to detail can be seen in the exact way we work – accurate to 1/10 mm – allowing a gap of 4 mm even on large pieces of furniture and across corners and edges.

The Lacquer Quality

Our PIANO7® paint promises incomparable paint quality and mirror-like reflections. 7 steps – 7 layers applied and processed for you by hand.

Variety Of Colours

Almost unlimited colour spectrum with over 2000 RAL and NCS colours – WARENDORF’s colour variety at no extra charge

Chocie Of Premium Surfaces

Highest quality standards also for other surface materials such as wood, concrete, glass, aluminium & stainless steel.

Veneer Competence

Continuous grain flow for veneers and fine veneers. We offer a choice of horizontal or vertical grain flow – for real wood veneers and wood decors.

Case Study

Soft Grey

Grey has been the core shade in kitchen design. When there is only a little room to work with, gloss kitchens are perfect for creating the illusion of a much larger space and will also brighten up an area because of its highly reflective, shiny surface. 

Case Study

Darker Delicacy

Adding hints of darker tones in the most simplistic, stripped back colour palettes provides real contrast to the surrounding countertops and cabinetry whilst highlighting a space.