Peace of mind, built in

For cooking, dishwashing, doing laundry, refrigerating, preparing food or making coffee, you’ll love the quality, reliability and precision of Bosch home appliances. You want peace of mind that you’re making the right choice when you make a big purchase like a household appliance.

Washing Machine Innovations

i-DOS detergent dosing

i-DOS ensures you get the right detergent dosage every time. Just fill up the large built-in detergent container every so often and let i-DOS do the rest – protecting your laundry and the environment.

Reload for added convenience

Bosch Reload allows you to safely open the washing machine door mid-cycle so you can add forgotten laundry or remove anything added by mistake.

VarioPerfect eco or speed settings

VarioPerfect™ technology gives you two ways to get laundry perfectly clean every time. SpeedPerfect washes a full load in just one hour, and EcoPerfect reduces running costs when you have more time.

Quiet washing machines

Bosch’s EcoSilence Drive™ reduces noise to as low as 47 decibels. The advanced EcoSilence Drive™ motor gives incredible efficiency, economy, durability and performance along with a 10-year guarantee.

Home Connect: Smart connectivity for an easier life

Home Connect smart technology enables you to control wi-fi enabled Bosch appliances with your phone or tablet. Home Connect lets you remotely tell your washing machine what type of load you have so it can select the best programme, turn on the oven on your way home from work, or automatically order dishwasher tablets when you get low. Home Connect can even operate other smart devices and be voice-controlled via smart speakers like Alexa or Google Home.

Take a shelfie

Check the food in your fridge before you check out.

Tablet top up

Never run out of dishwasher tablets with Smart Reorder Service via the Alexa app.

Voice-controlled cooking

When your hands are full your oven’s all ears.

Take a load off

Let your washing machine choose the right programme, and have it ready when you need it.

PerfectDry Dish Drying Technology

Bosch’s unique PerfectDry innovation uses natural Zeolith minerals to remove all moisture after washing – drying every item to perfection including pans, glasses and even plastic items. PerfectDry leaves everything perfectly dry and cupboard ready, so you’ll never have to pick up a tea towel to finish the job again.

Vitafresh For Fresher Food

Bosch fridges with VitaFresh freshness systems create optimum temperature and humidity-controlled storage conditions for all your fresh food, helping you to maintain a healthy and tasty diet. VitaFresh helps to reduce food waste and helps to keep food tasting great for longer. A healthy diet has never been so easy.

Cooking Innovations

PerfectControl Sensors

PerfectControl is a set of advanced, intuitive sensors inside Bosch cooking appliances that help you achieve perfect cooking results every time, whether you’re frying, boiling or baking.

Induction Hobs

Cooking with induction is quick, safe and clean. Learn more about Bosch’s induction innovations and how to get the best results when cooking with an induction hob.

Self-cleaning Ovens

Bosch offers two types of self-cleaning technology to save time and effort, from simple Pyrolitic cleaning, to the advanced EcoClean Direct ceramic coating.

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