Designer Wellness Rooms


The bespoke sauna focuses on wellbeing in your home and with a combination of technology and style, the sauna becomes an extension of today’s living space. The Sky corner Interior can be enhanced with colour therapy and under- bench LED lighting, featuring warm tones present a striking focal point.  The larger glass surfaces emphasise the design feature of this line, expanses of glass surfaces across the front wall, door, ceiling and side wall. The Sky collection makes it possible to fit the model into any interior environment, with extremely versatile design features and wide glass panels it can be completely adapted, and tailor made to suit you. 

Whirlpool Baths

Quandrat Pool is designed for both indoor and outdoor environments. The free-standing bath becomes a show off for its sculpted geometry and infinity edge. It has three equipment levels consisting of dorsal whirlpool jets, heated air-spa and linear leg whirl pool jet. Additionally, it features an adjustable hydro-massage system that helps to relax the body whilst coloured underwater lighting creates a peaceful ambiance. 

Steam Rooms

The Aquasteam  is entirely unique and intuitive to use. It can fit in virtually any type of covering and can fit spaces of all sizes. The water delivery system is backlit to create a delightful effect of water seemingly gushing out of a natural spring in the wall. The bowl that collects the water is modelled on the traditional hammam design. 

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