Shower Enclosures

Our range of shower enclosures and shower cubicles are carefully designed to provide you with luxurious shower experiences. Our expansive collections feature subtle frameless enclosures to black grid like profiles and traditional quadrant enclosures. 

Shower Trays

All our shower trays have a light weight yet robust and durable structure. With a wide-range collection of shower trays, you’ll be sure to have something to match your preferences. From curved quadrant trays and walk in trays through to large rectangular models, there is massive flexibility in shape, size and material. Opt for a distinctive finish in slate – effect or a classic bright white tray.

Vertical Showers

The vertical shower combines a number of different spray outlets and different flow modes. The massage shower allows the user to experience the fundamentals of health and wellbeing.  JUST RAIN saturates the body with large drops of water falls and a clear, broad steam of water falls from the water sheet onto your shoulders. Moreover, the waterfall function work to loosen your muscles whilst providing highest levels of relaxation and vitalization. The therapeutic water pressure relieves fatigue and replenishes energy for a fresher, rested, you! Offering a range of settings for water temperature, intensity and quantity. 

Bath Screens

A shower screen along the edge of your bath instantly converts your classic bath into a shower bath station, making the most of your space, adding privacy and most importantly amplifies the look of your bathroom. It is also an easy way to update your bathroom with a modern look and avoids unsightly splashes. It is available in various sizes and thicknesses and styles including foldable options, swing openings and curved profiles. 

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