Bathroom Sinks

We offer a multitude of sinks to suit all styles of bathrooms. From premium quality inset basins to custom made Italian porcelain stoneware we ensure that your basin harmoniously blends into the rest of your space.

Inset Basins

Inset sinks are notable for their diversity and eye-catching design that lapse in to a countertop surface whilst being a stress-free and easy to clean solution. They offer a minimalist look to your bathroom space, whilst providing ample space and on trend contemporariness. 

Undermount Basins

Opt for an undermount sink for a combination of functionality and aesthetically pleasing design. An undermount sink looks imperceptibly chic, will visually enhance your worktop as the worktop extends to the contours of the sink and make your area more spacious whilst blending into your overall design. 

Console Basins

Our range of console basins have been designed to provide a timeless elegance that will instantly transform your bathroom. Storage can be a challenge in a compact bathroom so a console basin houses a space option for your all-important everyday essentials. 

Free Standing Basins

A free-standing basin will sit flush on the floor but can also be attached to the wall. These offer a modern option to your bathroom that will elevate your space and turn a functional piece into a striking talking point. 

Wall mounted Basins

Wall–mounted basins add a touch of class that work well in compact spaces whilst offering a clever space saving solution but also help to create the illusion of a much larger space. They become an attractive feature in much larger spaces making it a versatile option.

Fabricated Basins

Custom-made units using Italian porcelain stoneware with a focus on creating quality bathrooms in a vast range of styles including marble, stone and concrete, all fabricated to your specific measurements.

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