Adding Interest in Your Contemporary Home

A neutral colour palette can often feel cold, lifeless and stark. Ive complied some clever ideas to inspire your next renovation that is bound to add personality and warmth and interest to all you

minimalists !

  1. Experiment with Colour 

A colour update instantly lifts a space, adds dimension and brings an instant refresh and new focus in a room, reinventing your property’s entire aesthetic. Add an unexpected colour this could be an accent colour in your living space  or Kitchen Island. Your Kitchen Splashback could be the perfect place to experiment with colour and pattern ideas. A quick lick of paint in areas you may not have thought can be entirely impactful such as shelving can change up a space from functional to beautiful. If you have exposed glass cabinets consider painting them which adds depth and visual interest.

Experiment with Colour

2. Use similar tones in your cabinetry space as in your worktop that will create a modular harmonious look and suit complimentary tones alongside fixtures and fittings. Tonal variety is key in creating warmth.

Creating Warmth

3. Have fun with texture which helps enliven a white kitchen and adds tactile qualities. Wood is the way to go for its natural beauty and grain colours. These tones look fantastic alongside white cabinetry, neutrally painted wall colours in an airy open space.

4. Think about your kitchens fixtures! Warm metals like copper or brass which can be incorporated into your scheme to add some richness and industrial beauty. This quooker tap in patinated brass is the perfect addition whilst having this system in your kitchen means you will have instant 100°C boiling water alongside regular hot and cold. Enquire today !

5. Your kitchen flooring and tiles have a huge influence on your overall design and is an opportunity to add personality into your home. Create an exciting and joy inducing aesthetic through pops of colours and highly patterned tiles for both your floor and kitchen splash back idea. Wooden flooring is an absolute classic and always a stylish choice. Chevron in particular is extremely popular which can look comforting and warm and can be layered and playful. Stone adds understated subtlety and texture to a scheme, recreating the look of earthy materials, whilst offering an easy to care for finish.

kitchen splash back idea


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